Since opening our doors in 1997, Ella Pritsker Couture has evolved to include tailoring services and alterations, style consultation and in 2009, the opening of the Maryland Center of Fashion Design for anyone interested in learning Ella’s expert techniques.

No matter the occasion, there is no better time than now to create a custom design with you mind.

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Developing the Brand of You

Developing your personal brand is the key to your success.  Recently, I was dining solo in a hotel lobby when someone took the seat next to me and struck up a conversation.  Shortly after, the gentleman presented his business card ending the conversation with the statement…”Google me!  Have you ever searched the internet for a specific person, a corporation or even your own name?  What did you learn? Do you think that these entities are represented in the most positive light?

I realize that those are all loaded questions but most important in determining your presence on the web and more importantly, in determining how your competition, your clients and your business connections view you and your products.  Your personal image is the sum of several parts:  Your dress, your communication style and ultimately, your message.

The most meaningful step in developing your brand is the first impression.  It is the gateway to your success.   It begins with the way you present yourself to include your dress and your style.  I truly love designing wardrobes.  It is so rewarding to witness the transformation as clients become more confident and self-assured, discovering their own inner beauty throughout the process.

Many years ago, I received a call from a client, a VP of a global entertainment enterprise.  She described a scenario of walking into a room with a team of executives from Sony BMG as someone approached her and said, “I don’t know who you are, but I know that you are someone important.”  She explained that as she entered the meeting room, wearing my design, that she felt invincible and capable of moving mountains.  That very day, she brokered the biggest deal in her company’s history.  Did I contribute to her feeling of power and her success?  I would like to think so and have continued to work with her over the past two decades designing pieces for her countless Grammy appearances and other celebratory occasions.

In the early days of my executive couture business, I had the privilege of building a wardrobe for a well- known client who lived and worked in the vicinity of the White House.  She had a very chic and elegant style which lent itself to custom clothing.  Piece by piece, we worked through the suits, jackets and coats that proved to be the foundation of a wardrobe which has served her well since the late 1990’s.  We have altered and restyled some of these classics over the years, but she still insists that they continue to provide her the absolute best in fashion as well as function.

While I thrive on designing wardrobes and helping women to feel their very best, I also realize that I can impact but not direct their communication or their messages.  What I have learned is that if you look the part, it is much easier to act the part.  Your look needs to be a reflection of not only who you are but who you strive to be.  Developing your brand is a labor of love but loving what you do will always bring you success and satisfaction.  Let’s begin your journey now!