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Let’s Stay Safe, Connected and Supportive…

Given our current circumstances, it may seem somewhat frivolous to discuss fashion this month. But we can still connect with our sense of style and, most importantly, our sensitivity as we navigate these difficult times amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While many of are anxiously anticipating what the next several weeks will bring, I am most concerned about what can be considered truly fashionable these days.

It is most fashionable to check on our elderly neighbors to ensure that they have ample food and supplies, as they are a very vulnerable group to the novel coronavirus. A quick phone call or email to ask if they are in need will certainly assure them they are not forgotten. Many seniors do not have access to online services and could greatly benefit from our help to order groceries, pay utility bills and reschedule medical appointments. Drop a care package on their doorstep, or simply send a handwritten note to let them know you are thinking of them and are available to assist.

t is definitely on trend to shop local. So many of our friends and neighbors will struggle to keep their small businesses solvent as tighter restrictions are forcing them to close their storefronts to the public. Please visit their websites to learn how you can buy a gift card, support them with an online purchase or send a note to let them know that you will continue to be a loyal patron once this crisis subsides.

It is very stylish to order takeout meals from our local eateries. These entrepreneurs have poured their hearts and souls into establishing custom menus, beloved clientele and a reputation for making quality food. To follow safe practices, just pick up your meals curbside and transfer the food to your own dishes, discarding the takeout containers.

In terms of actual fashion advice, it is important not to abandon your own personal style as you work from home. Strive to follow the same routine that you would as if you were leaving for the office each morning. At some point in the day, preferably before noon, peel off the yoga and pajama pants. Dress for success, put on a full face of makeup and don’t forget to add a splash of your favorite scent. It only makes sense that if you feel better about yourself, you will feel better about this crazy world and all that has unfolded around us.

It is also imperative that you follow the strictest of personal hygiene guidelines. Wash your hands unceasingly, drink as much water as you can and practice social distancing — or as I prefer to say, practice physicaldistancing while remaining as social as possible, be it via phone calls, social media, texts or email. Wear your mask, don the not-so-fashionable latex gloves and don’t leave your home unless it is absolutely necessary.

Just as fashion is constantly reinventing itself, we can use this time to reinvent ourselves as well. Pick up that book that you’ve been meaning to read, virtually explore amazing travel destinations, break out those dusty board games and watch a movie or television series that makes you laugh.

We are a strong, resilient society and will bounce back better and stronger for weathering this unexpected storm. At this time, fashion your world as if your life depended on it and please, stay safe!

Please view full article at: https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2020/04/02/fashion-forward-what-s-fashionable-for-your-life.html