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My Friend, Claire Hardy

From the beginning, there was little question that we would become fast friends.  We both share a deep love of art.  She paints broad strokes with a brush while I make tiny stitches with a needle.  She works on canvas and linen while I ply my craft with silks and satins and yet so much of what we do is so very similar.  Color and design surround our thoughts, our environments and our studios.  An appreciation of beauty is the foundation for our every endeavor and we are constantly evolving, focusing on those elements that bring joy to our clients and ourselves.

I met Claire Hardy on one of my early visits to Nemacolin Woodlands where her work caught my eye immediately and continues to inspires me each and every time that I walk past one of her paintings which led to us sharing another deep love…the resort itself.  Nemacolin Woodlands is a treasury of incredible paintings and sculptures of every genre.  Its halls, public spaces and grounds are filled with one-of- a- kind pieces of art that excite the senses. Chances are that you might even see Claire’s painting in the Gallery and interacting with guests as she shares her passion and her talent.  If you are familiar with Nemacolin Woodlands, you might know that it is owned by the Hardy family and you might imagine how many times that she is asked how she is related to them.  She isn’t!  Quite serendipitous, I think.

Fast forward to 2020.  While so many were struggling with their professional lives, Claire’s career was about to take off in a way that even she couldn’t have imagined.  Given the ongoing pandemic, the production company and principals of “The Bachelor” began an intensive search for a location for their upcoming season, one, where for the first time ever, the show could be shot in its entirety.  Nemacolin’s luxurious accommodations, many amenities and inherent beauty made the resort a logical choice.  Enter another serendipitous element to Claire’s story…While scouting the resort, the show’s director happened upon one of Claire’s small paintings which meant very big things were on the horizon for this special artist and the rest, as they say, is history.  I don’t want to leave you hanging but I am going to so that you can listen in on our recent conversation and hear the rest of this incredible story in Claire’s own words.


CLAIRE HARDY PAINTINGS FOR NATIONAL TV | Nemacolin | with Ella Pritsker from Unit4media on Vimeo.

I am so excited to see where this journey takes my dear friend and even more excited to announce that we will soon be collaborating on a special project.  More to come on that as we begin to explore how fashion imitates art.