Since opening our doors in 1997, Ella Pritsker Couture has evolved to include tailoring services and alterations, style consultation and in 2009, the opening of the Maryland Center of Fashion Design for anyone interested in learning Ella’s expert techniques.

No matter the occasion, there is no better time than now to create a custom design with you mind.

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What Makes Custom Couture Special?

These days, the concepts of “ready-to-wear” or “off the rack” clothing have heavily influenced the world of fashion. This has made mass-produced fashion more affordable and able to adapt to every whim of fashion trends. But what it’s also done is flood the fashion industry with clothing that isn’t particularly well made or created to last very long. The result? People are actually spending more money for clothing that at face value, appears to be fiscally responsible.


Even the premium brands many executive women turn to fall short. While they’re certainly better made than fast fashion mall brands, they fail in the most important ways: fit and tailoring. Mass-produced garments are all pigeon-holed into common sizes like size 2, size 4, size 8 and so on. But no two bodies are the same and we all have curves in different spots. Also, almost every woman (us included!) deals with weight fluctuation. Even high-end retailer garments aren’t designed to be adjusted to alter the fit. So for those women who have fit issues, what do they do?




The answer is custom clothing.


Custom clothing is designed to fit the body of each specific client. To illustrate just how special a custom piece of clothing really is, we’ll outline the process below, step by step.


Because each women’s body is unique, Ella Pritsker Couture’s experts must first get the precise measurements for each of our clients. In fact, 38 different measurements are taken before a needle is picked up or fabric is selected. Next, we discuss design ideas with the client and garner a complete picture of what they’re looking for. What will it be used for? What fabric do they like? What styles are they fond of?  After the measurements are taken and a design idea has been discussed,  we start the actual creation process… but that doesn’t involve fabric. We start with paper.

The first draft of the design is drawn up and cut out from pattern paper. That paper is then used to cut out each individual piece onto muslin fabric, a lightweight cotton cloth that the client is able to try on for fit. This is where the garment’s first shapes begin to take shape.




After the complete muslin prototype is created and turned into the first initial design, the client comes in for the first fitting. This is a chance to make sure the 38 initial measurements are accurate and the cuts are precise. Once the next adjustments are marked, the real fabric is utilized and the piece is created. After the actual garment is designed, the client returns to try it on to confirm the fit. But again, we’re not finished. There are still tweaks and final adjustments to be made so the clothing not only fits right but looks outstanding and makes the woman wearing it look and feel, amazing.  From there, the garment is finished, labeled and completed for pick-up.




Ella Pritsker is Baltimore’s premier couture designer. At Ella Pritsker Couture, we strive for lasting style in our custom designs. We create clothing that is flattering for ALL women and body types by focusing on each individual woman, allowing our clients to feel more confident and comfortable in whatever they do. We create pieces that remain en vogue for decades and because of our quality, they will look and feel like new for just as long, no matter how the bodies may change.

For some of our clients, the biggest challenge isn’t getting the piece in place, but deciding what items to order! But we’ve made it easy with our custom couture collection. It offers a range of custom clothing packages, beginning with the “Getting Started” bundle. This entry-level option includes the core staple pieces to begin a custom wardrobe collection. Or you can create an entire wardrobe with our “You Can Have It All” package that includes nearly twenty custom designed pieces for the busy, but stylish woman. The leader in hand-tailored, personally-fitted women’s couture clothing is the Ella Pritsker Couture Collection. Let Ella’s custom wardrobe boost your level of confidence and turn heads when you enter the room.